Our Space

The Falls Stamping and Welding building was constructed in 1928 and housed various manufacturing and warehouse operations over the years. Recently rebranded as The Foundry, the industrial building has been transformed into the offical TRIAD playground.

The Foundry acts as an 8,000 square-foot analogy: a once-dilapidated, empty building, has been transformed into a useable space perfect for producing creativity and big ideas by a team of crazy people who love what they do. Just like the work we produce, we are capable of creating functionality and creativity where once there was nothing. 

Also, for the sake of avoiding an existential crisis, the Foundry is just a damn fun place to work.

Our Team

As experts in our fields, the TRIAD team combines collective knowledge in order to provide the best solutions for your marketing needs. At near-creepy levels of familiarity, the TRIAD team bands together towards a singular goal.

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