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Monday, June 27, 2011 5:06:00 PM

I Ohio VotingSo, Ohio Secretary of State, Jon Husted announced that a winner had been selected for a re-design of the "I voted today" stickers that voters receive after casting their ballot at Ohio polls on election day. The winning sticker received 38 percent of the vote, beating out five other designs. The second-place sticker received 37 percent of the vote — only 352 fewer votes than the winner. The election began in May and 59,272 votes were cast.

Obviously, not many designers were involved in the polling or the process, because, although they try to capitalize on the famous "I (heart) NY" graphic, the sticker actually reads "I (ohio) voting"... Huh? To make these more effective, all they would have needed to do was put a reversed-out heart into the silhouette of the state and it would have been more easily read. Who made this decision? I think it was the same politico who sat around giggling that these stickers would have ALL voters running around with a "red" ohio pinned to their chests.
- Rick Krochka


Rating: 3 hatchets

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