Every year, as the seasons change and the sun retreats behind an endless supply of clouds, a strange concoction begins appearing as if secretly brewed by a witch with a sizable Instagram following.

This sweet seasonal mix is, of course, Pumpkin Spice. That special mixture of spices with a notable lack of actual pumpkin. 

Fun Facts: Its name derives from Pumpkin Pie Spice and most canned pumpkin and pumpkin pie filling is actually a mix of various squashes with no actual pumpkin. Turns out, pumpkin is getting a lot more credit than it deserves.

With each passing year, we are treated (or tricked into) to more and more pumpkin spice variations from candles and coffee to deodorants and beer. At this point the market has been flooded with so much pumpkin spice that it’s a surprise the air isn’t permanently stained orange. It’s almost as if any other flavor could come in and be successful due to it simply not being pumpkin spice.

Do you see where I’m going with this, yet?

When you’re trying to position your organization or product, it’s important to look around and figure out who the pumpkin spice lattes are – those organizations that look and behave identical to everyone else. Then, decide not to look like them.

In order to stand out in your market it’s important that you’re not a copy of every one else. It’s like deciding on white paint swatches. Yes, they’re all different shades of white, but don’t ask me to tell you the difference between Super White and Paper White.

Be the apple to their pumpkins.

Apples have become an underrated autumnal produce since pumpkin was apparently invented in the early 2000s. If you choose to be an apple rather than another pumpkin spiced product, you’re setting yourself apart from your competition. You’re giving people something they can’t find elsewhere or are, honestly, a little over. Yes, I'm as bitter as that Starbucks coffee you had this morning.

When you stand out from the crowd in your market, potential customers will be attracted to you because you’re different. You’ll be able to retain customers because you have something they don’t see very often. And if we know anything about sales funnels/cycles, it’s more cost effective to retain a customer than it is to find a new one.

The next time you’re reconsidering your brand position, keep in mind the pumpkins and apples of the world. Also, give us a call. We like helping to create branding that’s different and actually contains exactly what it says it does.

Bonus: 4 Reasons Apples Are Superior

  1. Eatability. You ever try to eat a pumpkin raw? Near impossible and certainly disgusting.
  2. Size. Apples are the perfect size for easy eating and transport. You don’t see cool dudes rubbing a pumpkin on their shirts before eating them for a reason.
  3. Usability. Apples are actually in the recipes with the fruit in their titles, unlike pumpkins.
  4. Orchards. Apples are a respectable fruit. They keep their business up in the air rather than sprawling out all over the ground like a herd of bulbous tabby cats.