So you’re just starting on a big adventure into unknown regions, huh? You’ve got big plans and just want to get going? You want to show everyone what you have to offer and make a name for yourself, but you just don’t know where to start? Luckily for you, you’re given the same starter choices as everyone else: Fire, Water and Grass.

Wait… what were we talking about, again? Social media? I guess that makes sense.

Whether you’re a beginner Pokémon trainer or a new business starting your social media journey, you’ve got a big decision ahead of you. And I’m going to show you how to select your Starter Social Media Platform.

How do you see your plans evolving?

It’s very likely the Pokemon you start your journey with won’t stay in that form forever. Eventually, you’re going to evolve them. Unless of course your name is Ash Ketchum and your Pikachu chooses not to evolve because of some moral lesson it’s trying to teach you.

Similarly, the way you’re using your first social media platform will most likely change as you get more comfortable and start producing new content. Planning out how your social media strategy might evolve can help you decide which platform to choose. 

Look at the unique ways you can use each one.

For the most part, starter Pokemon are pretty well balanced when compared to each other. Choosing one over the other isn’t going to give you a huge leg up early in the game. However, they each have different moves and abilities that might best suit your strategy.

Will you be focusing on visuals and live streaming? Instagram might be your best start.

Are you going to focus on community building and engaging in conversations? You might want to start with Twitter.

Figure out what tools best fit your product or organization’s strategy and you’ll have a pretty smooth beginning.

Choose which one you have the most experience with

Maybe you’ve played Pokémon before and are used to a specific type. You know grass types are super effective against ground, rock and water types. You also know they are weak against bug, fire, flying, ice and poison. Your background knowledge of Bulbasaur puts you at a great advantage when starting.

Sometimes the choice of social media platform can come down to which of these platforms you are most comfortable with. Do you use social media in your personal life? Have you managed social media platforms in the past? If you’ve never looked at Twitter a day in your life, that may present a huge hurdle to your plans. 

Choosing a social media platform that you have experience with and are comfortable using, gives you a massive leg up and will allow you to hit the ground running.

Social Media, I Choose You!

The choice of which social media platform to begin with can be difficult. Each has its own strategies and tools. You might even be tempted to start with several at once. However, just like Pokémon, keep your choice to a single platform until you gain some experience. If you were able to choose all three starter Pokémon, either you would completely ignore two or it would take far too long to evolve any of the three to be effective.

It takes time and effort to level up. You’re going to do a good deal of grinding through tall grass to build an effective social media platform. But eventually, your social media will evolve and you’ll have enough experience to collect more diverse types. Take your time though. There’s no point in a speed run.

If you need additional help with your social media strategy, we’d be glad to help! Consider us the Nurse Joy of social media.

We hope to see you again!