One of our favorite topics around the office is cookies. Any chance we get we’re eating cookies or talking about a time we were eating cookies or persuading someone else to bring us cookies so that we can eat them. And in an attempt to make this relate to being productive, I’m here to tell you how your marketing is like cookies.

Too Many Cookies?

Ok, don’t get angry. I’m just trying to make a point. 

As hard as it is to believe, there is such a thing as too many cookies and you’ll know it when you see it. It’s that moment when you bite into a delicious chocolate chip and your whole body freezes — your nervous system rejects life itself. 

It’s the same reaction when you’ve consumed too much marketing. You go from enjoyment to annoyance, and even anger, in a split second. “Too much!” you shout. You’ve seen the same commercial 20 times during this Hulu binge and you can’t take it anymore. You can reenact a laundry detergent video without even trying, and you’re not happy about it.

It takes a certain number of exposures for a person to recall your message, but overdo it and that person is going to actively avoid you. This isn’t limited to television or streaming advertisements. Send out too many emails to a contact list and you’re going to see an increase in unsubscribes. Too many sponsored Facebook or Twitter posts and you’re going to get muted.

Not only are you at risk of driving someone away, you’re also ignoring all the other people who have not seen your message at all. You’re not using your cookie budget efficiently. 

Basically, stop giving Gerald all the cookies when Janet is sitting over there cookie-less. Janet wants cookies. Gerald has had his fill.

That Cookie Tasted Like Feet

We’ve all eaten bad cookies. I don’t know how it happens, it just does. 

Nothing is worse than being offered what looks like a delicious baked good just to find out it has the consistency and flavor of a rock. You were all jazzed up to indulge yourself. You took the time to eat it. And it failed its one basic purpose.

Just like your marketing, quality is important. You’re asking people to take precious time out of their day to consume your messaging. Why would you give them something less than appetizing?

Find out who will be eating your cookies. What flavors do they like? Soft cookie or crispy cookie? Raisins or chocolate chip? One person’s cookie is another person’s biscuit. Determining your audience’s preference will help guide your message quality.

Give them something you would be proud to show off or even consume yourself. Make a cookie that will earn yourself a Best of Show blue ribbon at the local county fair… but for marketing.

Nobody Can Taste the Cookie You Keep At Home

If a cookie falls in a forest and no is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Who dropped it? Why were they eating cookies in a forest? Is it still good to eat? FIVE SECOND RULE!

Your marketing message is useless if it doesn’t get distributed. A piece of content that sits on your website won’t have any impact until you send it to someone via social media or email. A direct mailer doesn’t get results by sitting in the mail house.

For the best distribution, choose methods based on your budget and your audience’s preferences. If your customers aren’t heavy Twitter users, maybe going all in on Twitter isn’t the best method. If you have a small budget, maybe carving your logo into the moon is out of the question.

When you've baked your best quality cookie and the correct quantity of cookies make sure you are taking them somewhere they will be appreciated.  At the very least let your mom have some, she’ll always tell you they’re good. Only sometimes will she lie to you.

Send All Your Cookies To TRIAD

This one is less about marketing and more about cookies. 

It’s a well-guarded baking secret which is why you won’t see anyone else talking about it, and I shouldn’t even be telling you this: the best cookies are the ones you send to TRIAD. 

If you’ve made a batch of cookies and you send them to us, they automatically become the best cookies. So if you want to claim the title of “Best Cookie Baker In the History of the Universe”… you know what to do.