All organizations have to begin somewhere when it comes to their marketing and oftentimes that beginning is met with a low budget that can only stretch so far before someone starts asking questions.

So how do you get the word out about your product or service without blowing up your marketing budget? I’ll give you two tips for getting started.

*Something to keep in mind as we proceed: While you may not always be putting money towards a tactic that does not make it free or even low cost. Social media, while free to use, takes a lot of time. And your time is always valuable.

Determine what is and what is not working

Before setting off on your quest to dominate your particular market, you’ll want to make sure the tactics you choose are worth pursuing. Nothing is worse than shouting into the void or talking to a bunch of people who do not want you around. It’s like having a kid explain Digimon to you. I don’t care about Agumon, Braiden, it’s not Charmander AND YOU KNOW IT.

So how do we figure out the best path? We ask our customers. The people you are already selling to are going to be very similar to people you could potentially be selling to. And if they like your product, which hopefully they do, they’ll love nothing more than to tell about why and how they became a customer. They'll also be glad to tell you what they don't like; everyone loves a good bad review.

Use this newfound information to create a social media profile, start a blog or spin a sign out on the sidewalk. The most important thing is that you stick with what will work and ignore everything that won’t. 

Specify your audience

As the saying goes, “If everyone is your audience, no one is your audience.” If you are trying to appeal to everybody with a pulse or the ability to breathe, you’re very likely wasting your time and money. You could be spending that time relaxing and not being so gosh darn stressed out.

In order to narrow down your audience you’ll need to take a look, once again, at the people you are currently serving. Is there a common thread among them? Can you boil down their essence into a small vial intended to poison the tyrannical king holding dominion over the land? Oops, lost the plot a little bit there.

Basically, you’re going to need to identify your ideal customer and create a persona. A persona is a fictional representation of your ideal audience. It’s like the movie Mannequin or Weird Science (what was going on in the mid-80’s?). 

All marketing decisions from that point should refer back to that persona. If you wouldn’t find them in the space you’ve chosen, then don’t stay in that space.

Think smarter, not harder

At the end of the day all marketing costs something: time, money, blood, sweat, tears, the shattered pieces of your former life, or just melty candy bars.

The important thing to remember is to choose wisely when deciding on a strategy and individual tactics. Don’t go all willy-nilly at the newest shiny thing available. Your focus on fewer tactics will allow you to excel in those markets and your time will be well spent.

Have any questions regarding where to begin your marketing journey? Contact us and we’ll be glad to help!