Mobile website by TRIAD

Go Responsive or Go Home!

Imagine you’re out and about and suddenly need to look something up.

Often times it ends up being the name of that one british guy with the nice sweaters in that movie with that blonde lady… Hugh Grant. Wait, no, Colin Firth! But other times you want actual information and nothing is worse than coming to a site you can’t navigate. It’s too small and nothing seems to work; aggravation at its most extreme.

This is your customer’s journey if you don’t have a mobile website. These days, having a mobile-friendly and responsive website is key to a successful online presence. Not only because more people are using mobile devices than ever before but because a few years ago Google said so, you might remember hearing about “Mobilegeddon”.

How Can You Tell?

So how can you tell if your site is mobile friendly? Well, there’s the easy way and then there is the slightly-harder-but-altogether-incredibly-easy way - I like options. 

The Easy Way

Open up your website on your desktop computer using whichever browser you choose and place the mouse along the right edge of the window until it becomes a two-way arrow. Then, click and drag left. If the layout of your website changes as the window gets smaller your website is mobile friendly. If it does not, then you’ll want to change that. 

The Slightly-Harder-but-Altogether-Incredibly-Easy Way

You could use Google’s mobile friendly test. Or, if you’re anti-Google, Bing has one as well. Now enter your website’s URL into the box and select ‘Analyze’ or 'Run Test'. It will then tell you whether it passes the mobile friendly test. If it does not pass then you’ll want to fix that.

If you did not pass then please contact us. We’d love to help your site become mobile friendly.