Integrated Marketing

Combining Traditional and Digital Marketing

By conveying your organization’s messaging  consistently across many communication mediums we are able to better optimize marketing campaigns.

We develop strategic campaigns that focus on brand positioning through traditional media, digital marketing, and public relations.

Media Planning

We have many local and national media partners. We use these relationships to create a detailed media plan for the purpose of achieving your organization’s specific goals. Media plans include mediums like outdoor, print, radio and television advertising. Through the process we also manage the media placement and buying for the campaign.

We have a deep understanding of both traditional and digital media and utilize both in order to get the most out of your media plan.

Our team is able to develop the collateral and creative designs necessary to complete the media plan in order to position your brand in a strategic way.

Public Relations

We have the means and expertise to get your message where it needs to be. We work with your team to make sure your message is newsworthy and grabs the attention of reporters and the public.

We would love to work with your organization to meet your goals and help you grow. Contact us for any additional questions or to begin the process.