We've grown our team by three!

We are proud to announce we have added three new members to the TRIAD team!

Molly Knight - Office Manager

Molly Knight is the fresh face at the front door. Never without a smile on her face and something to say she makes sure our guests feel right at home. Give us a call and she'll be the first voice you hear, so make sure you say hello!

Jake Benko - Accountant

Jake is our new numbers guy. Don't let the beard fool you, he's harmless - unless you're a Lacrosse ball. No, seriously, if you have a few hours to kill ask him about Lacrosse.

Mark Reifsnyder - Account Executive

Graduating from Hiram College in 2009, Mark brings 8 years of experience to the TRIAD team. With a focus in strategic thinking, he offers innovative solutions to clients’ initiatives and business objectives that are on time, on budget, and maximize ROI. He's also incredibly friendly, talkative, and enthusiastic. Be careful though, sometimes he talks with his hands.