It’s mid-July, which means it’s time to start thinking about Halloween. No really, mid-July is when certain stores start offering Halloween decor — I don’t make the rules. This pre-season kickoff gives you 3 full months to really plan out that spooky front yard diorama.

With the rumblings of Halloween on the horizon, I can’t help but think about all the different ghosts and ghouls that will soon be haunting our halls and doorways, conjuring thoughts of the scariest kind. The hair on your arm standing on end as a ghost floats past. The clawing of a zombie bursting from the ground. A vampire’s seductive attempts to enter your home. The howls of werewolves in the distance.

But above all these, I can’t help but shudder at the scariest possibility of all: Not proofreading your marketing material. 

It sounds so innocent, but skipping the proofreading portion of your marketing process is enough to send chills down my spine and have me running to the hills (because at least they have eyes to check for misspellings).

Nothing is worse than getting through a project and having the final piece delivered to your front door with a misspelling, or worse, the wrong information.

By proofreading your marketing material you can save yourself the terrible experience of the dreaded reprint, correction email or the fearsome apology statement.

The phone calls, texts and emails are enough to drive you mad while you try to correct the mistake. If only you had your own Necronomicon that could take you back and correct these mistakes (assuming it also doesn't contain grammatical errors). 

Unfortunately, your only option is to adjust your process and add proofreading to your last-minute check list, in hopes of avoiding the dreaded and more terrifying sequel, which is unlikely to be anywhere near as good as the original and will probably be released direct to video. *shudder*