So you’re putting together a marketing plan, huh? And you’re trying to decide whether you are going to utilize email marketing? Well, let me walk you through a few reasons why you should include email marketing.

High-Quality Audiences

Your email contact list consists of individuals who have said they would want to receive ongoing messages from you — unlike other marketing tactics where you are hitting a potential audience that only has a passing interest in your service or has no interest at all. 

The people who make up your email list want your messaging and are interested in learning more about your service. This leads to an increase in the rate of conversions as well as an improvement in the quality of leads you get.

Segmented Audience

Assuming you’re collected the correct data when someone signed up to receive your email, you will be able to segment your audience.

Sometimes you want to send different messages to certain members of your contact list. By segmenting your audience you can determine which contacts are more likely to respond to a particular message.

This, once again, will help increase your click-through and ultimately your conversion rates by delivering the most relevant message to a high-quality lead.

No Algorithms

Social media networks like Facebook use algorithms to show people content they are interested in and more likely to engage with. These algorithms also restrict the organic reach of business pages so organizations are forced to pay for advertising. 

Email on the other hand is not restricted by these algorithms. The vast majority of emails sent are successfully delivered to their recipients.

Content Distribution

You know all that content marketing professionals are always going on about? When you are finished writing blogs or creating videos, what are you meant to do with it all? Distribute it. It's the often forgotten and overlooked portion of the content marketing process.

Luckily, email is one of the most effective methods of distributing that content. Deliver that content straight to the people it was created for. 

Available Metrics

What’s a marketing tactic these days without some solid metrics? With email marketing you have valuable data in the form of click-through rates, open rates, bounce rates, conversion rates, unsubscribes and more!

Email marketing gives you the detailed metrics to help you create content your subscribers actually want to view. 

Will you be including email marketing in your plan?

I’ve only covered the tip of the iceberg regarding email marketing here but I think it’s a tactic worth discovering. 

By building a subscriber list, you are creating a community that wants to hear from you and might actually engage.